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difference between wuauclt1.exe and wuauclt.exe

what difference between wuauclt1.exe , wuauclt.exe files ( under system32 folder ) ? in of cases, windows update service is not working client machines having these 2 files. even tried delete wuauclt1.exe, created automatically. what difference between wuauclt1.exe , wuauclt.exe files ( under system32 folder ) ? the wuauclt1.exe (and sister file wuaueng1.dll) components of legacy au agent shipped operating systems released prior 2005. (the wuagent v5.8 shipped wsus v2 in spring, 2005.) checking file version of file on windows xp system shows 5.4.3790.5512, dated 4/14/2008. additional quirk surrounds particular version -- comes installation of windows xp service pack 3. on windows server 2003 or windows 2000 system, may have earlier version number , date. lawrence garvin, m.s., mcitp:ea, mcdba, mcsa product manager, solarwinds microsoft mvp - software distribution (2005-2012) mvp profile:

Windows server 2008 R2 DFS has stopped replicating to a RO folder as drive is full

windows server 2008 dfs has stopped replicating ro folder drive full, how can manually clean ro folder dfs working?  migrating windows 2008 r2 file server cluster dfs new hardware, when bring migrated service online dfs rep break? hi jem, this page provided steps migrate dfsn/dfsr between cluster. please have look: migration paths migrating failover cluster running windows server 2008 r2 or directly go to: to migrate clustered instances of dfs replication between clusters running windows server 2008 r2 technet subscriber support in forum |if have feedback on our support, please contact Windows Server  >  File Services

Como copiar un Perfil mandatorios en Windows Server 2008

porfavor ver si alguien me puede ayudar.seria de mucha ayuda si me proporcionan informacion  sobre como crear una cuenta de perfil mandatorio en w2k8 hola karlos, es cierto la arquitectura de los perfiles ha cambiado en estas versiones, mira este link por si te puede ser de ayuda.   y este link de los foros technet   salu2!, dani gracia - madrid españa mcsa/mcse 2003 security Windows Server  >  Administración de servidor

Native Group Policies always take precedence over Group Policy Preferences

so mean though have gppref closest user if have gpo higher gpo still win? what saying policy (administrative template) enforces settings locking out user. these polices right specific location in registry. preferences set default settings not lock out settings. a preference value is stored in same location if set down on machine , did manually. you can read more differences (and when use which) here: if answer helped you, check out blog: deployhappiness.  subscribe rss  or email.   Windows Server  >  Group Policy

URGENT Help needed.

hi all   short description of issue:   windows server 2003 sp2. upon booting icmp response point "applying computer settings" shown. timeout.   server booting safemode networking fine..... i reinstalled tcp/ip "netsh int ip reset"   i reinstalled nic drivers latest, dissolved teaming, assigned ip on secondary nic , removed primary nic, disabled non-ms services , rebooted , symptoms remain.   this hp dl380 g4.   only thing haven't done yet re-install latest psp. assume starting windows ( driver or service ) breaking tcp/ip stack have no idea what!!   any ideas ?     managed fix problem...   was ipsec after all. server had missing ipsec policy store in registry. recreated regsvr32 polstore.dll - rebooted - , bob became uncle !   hope helps similar issues.   regards Windows Server

Lync 2013 notifications

win 10 tech preview enterprise (gb) i've noticed taskbar notifications continue to display new lync messages conversations when there are none (the last message related conversation history being saved) - if click in window , out of stays highlighted orange in conversations view list of unread conversations update correctly. hi, i have installed lync basic 2013 on windows 10 tech preview, , there no such issue. first, if office 2013 installed lync, suggest test standalone version of lync 2013 see if can works fine: 32bit: 64bit: this issue can caused corrupted catch file or missing updates. you can try clear catch file lync see what’s going on: how clear lync temporary cache files make sure latest updates ly

Force access through TS Web Access

 i have 2 teminal servers use nlb , session broker, point web access server. there way can stop people using remote desktop client directly access box. , force them use web access connect. servers windows 2008 sp1 clients win xp sp2 rdp client 6.1 judd unfortunalty not.. cant block mstsc.exe tool used quite lot desktop staff when @ clients pc. the other way thought of doing lock down therminal servers gpo , allow program run. should deter users ever logging on server anyway not able anything jihad, if goal restrict access single application, siphoning access through ts web access won't trick. remoteapp still complete session, 1 different shell, , it's possible launch additional applications if server not locked down. may want investigate use of software restriction policies. hope helps, christa christa anderson [msft] Windows Serv

Disconnecting from a Windows Server 2012 R2 file sharing session on a Windows 7,8,10 machine

i've been trying disconnect server while , haven't been able to. there quick way this? i've used net session , net user , work sometime never consistent. can task? hi yrusad, thanks post. does work when check “computer management > system tools > shared folders > open files/sessions”. directly manage from gui. and based on knowledge, quick way mentioned net session /delete /y. mean never consistent? best regards, mary please remember mark replies answers if , unmark them if provide no help. if have feedback technet subscriber support, contact . Windows Server  >  Windows Server 2012 General

Unable to Upgrade Windows server 2003 frm SP1 to SP2

hi, i'm trying upgrade windows 2003 server sp1 sp2. i downloaded .exe file microfost site , tried it. i'm getting following error. setup error : system cannot find file specified. i have tried downloading differant file still same error. :( please help. thanks in advane hi, this problem may occur when following registry key missing. [hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\ole] if key missing, please find windows server 2003 computer freshly installed, , export key. import key problematic computer. quote from: regards, yan li we trying better understand customer views on social support experience, participation in interview project appreciated if have time. helping make community forums great place. Windows Server  > 

Cannot move WITNESS disk resource

i have 2-node failover cluster set on windows server 2008. i'm using node & disk majority option quorum setting. it's running sql server 2005 , has several san luns storage. the sql server service, sql server agent service , storage set under general cluster service (named sql server 2005 cluster). when failover sql server 2005 cluster other node, works fine. except witness resource. shown still being on first node. should witness disk failover second node? should dependency somewhere? problem i'm running if restart first node witness disk still on it, quorum fails , cluster fails. the problem may don't understand clustering concept or setup well. on appreciated. kurt nowacki sql server/oracle dba correct...the problem don't understand clustering ;-) the witness disk located within own resource group, though can't see in 2008 cluster gui. witness disk not supposed failover when move application/workload, though move other node in event of cluster servic

Error installing Server 2012 in 2012 Hyper-V VM

i have 2012 hyper-v core setup , trying install server 2012 on new hyper-v vm , getting following error goes begin setup: "a media driver computer needs missing.  dvd, usb or hard disk driver.  if have cd, dvd or usb flash drive driver on it, please insert now." i not sure missing.  throws error right after hit install , before insert product key.  i have tried on 2 seperate hyper-v instances , results in same error.  have tried installing via iso , via direct attached media drive burned dvd with same error. i able install windows 8 without issue on vm, , have thought have had same driver base.  any ideas? thanks -- chris we have post before. 1. try different usb port if using usb; 2. bad image. try download it. post: a media driver computer needs missing - bob lin, mvp, mcse & cne networking, internet, routing, vpn troubleshooting on how setup windows,

Domain Collepse from Lotus to AD

we moving lotus microsoft. have 5000 users 2 domains. want collepse domain in lotus , move windows server 2003 or 2008. , planning exchange 2007 migration. know exchange migration side, blank, begin when comes collepsing notes domain. appreciated. sammy hello sammy, first, may want migrate current domain w2k3 or w2k8 , start migration of lotus notes.. this 4 part articles can give start isaac oben mcitp:ea, mcse Windows Server  >  Directory Services

unatended naming of computers

i beginner in power shell , trying automatically name computer name.cvs file. what have is two columns says serial number & 1 says computer name. what want end result find serial number of one of the computers , in name.csv file serial number (in column serial number) and give name corresponds serial number in (name column). can 1 give me example of how write in power shell? any appreciated. james i. hi james, sorry delay. assume want computername based on "serial#", can refer powershell script below, point need use cmdlet import-csv load data powershell and where-object filter result: import-csv d:\name.csv|where {$_."serial#" -eq "678910"} import-csv d:\name.csv|where {$_."serial#" -eq "678910"}|select-object -expandproperty "computer name" if there else regarding issue, please feel free post back. best regards, anna wang please remember mark replies answers if , unmark them if provide no

A Volume Shadow Copy Service operation failed.__Unknown error (0x800423f4)

a volume shadow copy service operation failed. unknown error (0x800423f4) while trying backup on small business server 2008 using ms own backup utility hello,   based upon error code vss_e_writererror_nonretryable (0x800423f4) failure because of particular vss writer not in   state causing snapshot process fail , hence backup fails.       can verified using following command elevated command window.    vssadmin list writers   also following blog useful in finding vss writer causing snapshot fail. once writer identified forum corresponding   application should able support better. thanks, bikash agrawala [msft] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- posting provided "as is" no warranties, , confers no rights Windows Server  >  File Service

Store BitLocker key in AD

hello, i'm admin office ou, means have delegation rights ou i'm not domain admin. i configured bitlocker gp should store key in ad in computer object within ou, set gp if computer cannot store key should continue encryption. encrypted computer (win7 64bit) shows no error in event log after encryption. does mean computer able store key in ds? mean, there entry in event log? i guess no domain admin right cannot recover bitlocker key bitlocker passwort recovery tool. thanks, edy edy switzerland hi, q: there event log entry recorded on client computer indicate success or failure of active directory backup? a: yes, event log entry indicates success or failure of active directory backup recorded on client computer. however, if event log entry says "success," information have been subsequently removed ad ds, or bitlocker have been reconfigured in such way active directory information can no longer unlock drive (such removing recovery password k

New Domain Controller - Permissions Nightmare

dear all, i have file server shares has folders in them. not uncommon hear say, these folders inside various reasons don't follow normal hierarchy top down propagation of permissions. sysadmin architectural company each project gets job number. each time job created copy template of 17 folders, attributes, etc. , assign new job number.   i use administrator full rights down tree , complicated arrangement of 'domain users' permissions govern how user use folder: prevent accidental delete, random folders etc. my problem getting new sbs box in , administrator , domain user’s permission groups (sysid) won't same , need changed on shares through system. each year has 200 - 300 jobs , have been running system since 2005. please suggest don't fancy changing manually. kind regards, t. you ought able write recursive powershell script get-acl record permissions, set-acl apply permissions on new server, try scripting forum.

how to escape parentheses?

get-process output has columns use parenthesis.  example: ws(k) vm(m) how escape these using format-table?  get-process | ft ws(k), vm(m) ??? get-process | ft ws, vm grant ward, a.k.a. bigteddy what's new in powershell 3.0 (technet wiki) Windows Server  >  Windows PowerShell

Strange Trust Permissions Issue

hi all, wonder if can shed light on one... have server 2008 domain external trust connected server 2000 domain. on 2000 domain can add users , groups 2008 domain file/folder permissions without problem. on 2008 domain, when i'm on server 2008 machine , try add user 2000 domain have access file/folder asks me enter network password. try domain admin user 2000 domain , 'logon failure: unknown user name or bad password' if go 2003 member server on 2008 domain , try adding user have access same file/folder , without hitch... so, why 2008 servers prompting me user/password when try find users in 2000 domain? there way can 2008 server stop doing this? thanks niels hi niels, based on research, issue due enhancement of security settings on windows server 2008. prevent windows server 2008 based computer prompting error, please try disable following security option in both local group policy , default domain controller policy. steps: 1. edit both local group poli

DS Alert: Windows DNS - NSLookup Failed for Zone's NS Record

hello all- i've received alert shown below, can me troubleshoot ? ds alert: windows dns - nslookup failed zone's ns record source: on path:; last modified by: system last modified time: 1/22/2016 6:39:03 alert description: warning indicates failure internal monitor. critical indicates nslookup failed. please see health explorer details. notification subscription id generating message: {b468219d-3d43-56a8-44ee-64769647944c} thanks hi, >ds alert: windows dns - nslookup failed zone's ns record want confirm receive message? 3rd party tool, or system event log? ns resource record facilitate delegation identifying dns servers each zone. whenever dns server needs cross delegation, refer ns rrs dns servers in target zone. format below: resolve - domain name (same parent folder) resolve - host name message displayed, failed find ns record. recommend remotely connect core server server

Apply Files Preference Only At Startup/Shutdown

generally, files/folders gpp apply each time client performs group policy refresh....which cool usually, have a case want apply files/folders gpp at either startup or shutdown.  can achieve item-level targeting or other way?  perhaps 'the processing mode not background'? by way, everyone, setting item-level targeting 'the processing mode not background' on files preference achieved wanted. iamrific's suggestion , responding question still warrant investigation however. Windows Server  >  Group Policy

Error durng install of msi package on windows server

i have msi pacakage, when click on msi fle, brings installer screen immedately gves error: system adminsitrator  has set policies prevent installation. is there somethng mssng on server. same pacakge can install on wndows xp r2 pc.   my windows 2003 r2 server 32 bit. i think x86 pcakage should install without problem. need msi sntaller on wndows server and/or change registery settngs. is server part of domain? if so, account you're using part of administrators/domian admins groups? the answers in thread covers common causes message configurations in local policy , registry key settings:   Windows Server  >  Windows Server

Hyper-V Server 2012 or Server 2012 R2 w/ Hyper-V?

hello everyone, there recommended way of implementing this? i'm not advantages or disadvantages using 1 on other.  we , esx shop , considering migrating hyper-v, before doing see our options , best route take. any thoughts on using hyper-v server 2012 on server 2012 r2 w/ hyper-v? thanks! hi, what size planned deployment? the free, standalone microsoft hyper-v server 2012 has features of hyper-v role found in windows server 2012 r2 including new scalability, shared nothing live migration, virtual fibre channel, live storage move, remotefx, failover clustering, , more. can managed system center 2012 r2 , windows 8.1 remote server administration tools (rsat). it doesn't contain other windows server roles, makes sense it's free hypervisor. because doesn't have other roles , running in server core configuration level, disk footprint small. what don't microsoft hyper-v server 2012 r2 guest virtual instance rights server oss (you 2 windows server

Error : Your Computer Placed in the Wrong Directory OU (windows 2012 DC Promotion)

hi we have de-promoted domain , installing additional domain controller (with same name) , getting below error. have verified computer object present in "default controller ou" still getting below error please suggest issue. i can't find article directly point error "your computer placed in wrong directory ou"..but if share results health , replication results on onedrive..we check errors.. otherwise shoul check article "troubleshooting missing sysvol , netlogon shares on windows domain controllers" check " how restore netlogon , sysvol shares ?" this posting provided no warranties or guarantees,and confers no rights. best regards burak uğur

Missing images in RWW following redirect

hello there know this is web server forum, thought perhaps ths issue could best answered iis /webserver guys we have set second server run sharepoint next our sbs 2011 machine. bypass default sharepoint site in sbs new sharepoint server successful using http redirect within iis, @ sbserver\sites\default web site\remote\builtins\internalwebsite . sharepoint server secured ssl , certificate , works fine.   however there caveat. when viewing remote web workplace, webpart internal company website should first image, displays per second image         the icon goes missing. typically url link directly sharepoint site within. original site being bypassed to different site, cause sort of css tag problem on rww page? i should point out when separate window opens on link, pathway displayed using presumably certificate credentials sbs machine though picking secure connection second server. any suggestions wise chaps , chica’s o

Internet Explorer maintenance policy not working

hi all, i banging head against group policy wall, trying apply internet explorer maintenance policy on ou not working can see polcy @ user end in rsop, not getting applied. while checking internet explorer maintenance > connection > proxy setting property prceding policy proxy address in enabled , on top. still policy not working. any ideas? hi, as didn’t mention os version, wonder internet explorer maintenance policy applied in preference mode? if yes, please refer kb: if not, suggest generate gpmc log follow check there error message appears in it: 1. on domain controller, click start -> run, type gpmc.msc, load gpmc console. 2. right click on "group policy result" , choose "group policy results wizard" generate report specifying computer , user account. please send here  and provide more details problem(like configuration, client ie version, fail apply on clients or some, etc.) better trouble

Hyper-V/Server 2008 R2 Core/PowerShell

hi everyone. i don't know if question has been answered already, find extremely difficult find information on, there much; have ideas on how write decent shell script powershell 2.0, windows server 2008 r2 (standard, enterprise, and/or datacenter), manage hyper-v? hi, please check following link see whether it’s want.   powershell management library hyper-v Windows Server  >  Hyper-V

SBS 11 to Essentials 2016 with Hyper-V Server

i'm planning upgrade our older sbs11 server new hardware , essentials 2016.     we're small business...5-10 users , ~20 devices.  sbs11 has worked fine us.  client backups.  also, sql express, license server, , minimal file sharing (an older nas our primary fs).  the new server have same usage, , replace nas.  performance important.  use access database programs transferr large files, speeding nice.  our current nas slow.   i don't see doing server upgrade 5 years or so. i'm considering using hyper-v server virtualize essentials.  adds level of difficulty, add bunch of future flexibility run other vms.  seems make server recovery easier in case of issues. for hardware, i'm looking @ poweredge (or similar) 8 drive trays.  planning on @ least 4 slots raid 10, 2 of them server backup.  typically use 1 of other slots ssd containing os (or raid 1 using 2 ssds , both slots) questions: 1) negatives of using hyper-v server? 2) what's ideal hard drive

Microsoft Update tool not scanning with updated file

dear sir/madam, - catalog file in sms has been advertised using  microsoft update tool program, scanning did not happen new updated .cab file , rather earlier .cab file only. came know .cab file location c:\windows\system32\vpcache\. so, not pose new patches "requested" clients. please suggest solution solve problem, of great help. rds, hi, the following kb article maybe helpful you:  a new version of windows update offline scan file,, available advanced users Windows Server  >  WSUS

Remote Desktop App Speed

we have terminal server running 2008 r2 users connect to. they run our application on server.  application large.  however, when try run remote app icon user desktop takes long time application started.  after type username , password , click yes message takes 2 seconds or before "show details" button come on.  takes 40 seconds or before trigger our application.  however, 1 night testing home. same numbers test 1, test 2 , test 3. on test 4 , 5 drop take around 10-12 seconds. got fast. now so you know, after each test, vpn our network, remote on terminal server, find user account , log off.  4 minutes between each try.  time wait few more minutes.  when got faster, contacted network person , had them try home account , sure enough saw faster also.  then after tested maybe 15 minutes slowed down again , went 40 seconds.  have been trying speed connection time few weeks now. have tried changing setting in remote app icon, have turned off clip board, old type p

Installing server 2008 - product key

guys,   anyone seen this? on requesting product key server 2008 beta 3 fill out required form @ point tells me fax number incorrect format.  there isn't field fax number !!!!    i have emailed microsoft nothing.... have tried filling out form many times on many different pcs , same every time... weird....   any ideas?   tom i had no problem.  ordered trial software download, , received email link page product key.  logged in windows live account and there was.   try email address (if haven't already): it link on product key page got key issues product key.   good luck. Windows Server  >  Setup Deployment

Kerberos - Do not have keys of types listed - Error

hello there,     morning. having issues in intialization of kerberos key connect hadoop hive windows server 2012. sorry long message here want explain situation detailed possible.    here steps have followed before key initialization (error screen shot in below steps):    download , install alteryx odbc drivers hive. once installed go control panel\all control panel items\administrative tools, open data sources (odbc), , select system dsn tab.  select , configure hive drivers match information in image below , test connection.  if successful, select ok.                this image configuration of our server.                                                           (host, port, database, hiver server type, machanism ( kerberos ), realm, host fqdn, service name ( hive ))   download kerberos. replace krb5.conf configuration file in local machine hosting hiveserver2. go c:\programdata\mit\kerberos5 rename configuration file krb5.conf

failed to open the application because "the application has failed to start because its side-by-side configuration is incorrect.."

i cannot open adobe flash professional cs6, game application "wildtangent games", , mozilla firefox i received error message c:\program files (x86)\wildtangent games\app\gamecosol-wt.exe the application has failed start because side-by-side configuration incorrect. please see application event log or use command-line sxstrace.exe tool more detail i try use sxstrace.exe command-line can't opened, , try event log , use event log online help, i've try to fix regedit.exe still not work i using notebook hp af115au running win10 home single language versi 10.0,10240 build 10240, system type: x64-based pc please assist , if require further information, try give asap. than you hi, according description, understanding adobe flash professional cs6, game application "wildtangent games", , mozilla firefox failed opened errors. there change before problem happens? such update, new installation, configuration change. if so, please undo change , c

Hyper-V on Athlon 64

hi everbody, i trying use hyper-v with windows servers 2008 and i havind athlon 64 processor. i installed windows server 2008 and installed hyper-v manager, can't create virtual machnes, because the 'new' option under 'actions' not existing. i think has todo processor, the specifikation mentions hyper-v running athlon 64. know how prepare system in way, can create virtual machines athlon 64? thanks in advance,  kind regards stefan    hi,   according description, may encounter problem amd cpu or hyper-v.   first, should check amd athlon 64 processor whether it support s hyper-v.   there 2 tools can use:   tool 1: amd hyper-v check tool,   m fawzi provide link:   tools 2: securable,     note: please check computer before installing hyper-v these 2 tools. tools may report incorrect state if have ins

Using ITSRemoteProgram

is there example of script uses itsremoteprogram?  using remoteprogrammode property and serverstartprogram method? is there example of script uses itsremoteprogram?  using remoteprogrammode property and serverstartprogram method? and 1 explanantion citrix technology professional , founder , linkedin , ts training in europe! love microsoft &its people bits! Windows Server  >  Remote Desktop Services (Terminal Services)

Extend basic disk and partition windows 2003 sp2 -- without service interrupt

hello, need extend disk of 100go 200go using san fiber channel. the question can ths online user connected on drive. or must disable share ? or disable share access? or diable disable. do need reboot? thanks   yes can while lun online, , while being used. this basic, sort of asking if can create folder disk drive.  works, no third party tool needed. w1n2011 misleading product. assign disk space lun on fc disk array. assuming basic disk 1) open command prompt 2) diskpart 3) list volume 4) select volume #    (where # select list provided previous command) 5) extend assuming dynamic disk 1) open computer manager 2) goto disk management 3) right click disk 4) extend partition Windows Server  >  File Services and Storage

Group Policy is failing to apply security options in windows 8.1

hi all,  i testing windows 8.1 , creating image corporate. group policy applying fine till last month update .. had update image , security  options in group policy not applying. have couple of options not display last user name, not require ctrl alt del. none of them applying others bit locker applying fine. this result rsop. also, gpresult showing did applied. i have apply registry key no luck i not expert in gp, not sure to troubleshoot deeper. working fine. thanks in advance orion hi, please let me know operating system of domain controller, helps me support better solve issue. checkout below thread on similar discussion, regards, go

Storport.sys driver update - 6.2.9200.20651

hello team, i need update the storport.sys version 6.2.9200.20651 same not available on web, please suggest. regards, sh mcp, mcts hi sh, the file available in update. check if helps: windows 8 , windows server 2012 update rollup: april 2013: best regards, please remember mark replies answers if , unmark them if provide no help. if have feedback technet support, contact Windows Server  >  Windows Server General Forum

Help creating macro / Invert hidden/unhidden text

hi everyone, i hoping give me hand creating macro, if it's possible i'm trying do. i create macro that, out of whole word file, hides showing, , unhides hidden text (not displays, unhides). i've been trying few options , far i've managed create macro either hides or unhide texts depending on selection. if select segment has both hidden , unhidden text, hide everything, not invert it. any ideas? thanks!! ana Microsoft Office  >  Word IT Pro Discussions

2008 Domain GPO Policy not applying for "Default Domain Policy"

i set new gpo 'default domain policy" restriction 2 test users default password policy , can see when gpupdate /force , gpresult /r has been applied, when go test changing password, supposed have complexity on still lets me put in field? at point want turn on entire domain exclusions, wonder missing in getting filter down these 2 test users? colocloudadmin hi itpro_user, since issue more related group policy, i’m moving thread group policy forum better response. thank understanding , support. regards, lin msdn community support please remember click "mark answer" responses resolved issue, , click "unmark answer" if not. can beneficial other community members reading thread. if have compliments or complaints msdn support, feel free contact . Windows Server  > 

Windows Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter Additional License Install (4 cpu)

i have 4 x 10 core (80 threads) machine. i've installed windows server datacenter 2012 , i'm able use 2 cpu. have 2 product keys windows server supposed allow me use 4 cpu in total. issue cannot find input 2nd serial number unlock 3rd , 4th processor. i've been searching everywhere answer. can me? hi 007 lolz, can show screenshot shows windows server 2012 datacenter , reason why think can utilize 2 physical cpu? far concerned, license not restrict that. thanks, tu9a2 Windows Server  >  Windows Server 2012 Setup

How to get iSCSI initiator IQN of the host using windows API/CLI ?

hello, i want host iscsi initiator iqn using windows api in code. tried find api no success. will please let me know api or cli, can use host iscsi iqn through c++ program. thanks in advance rahul naik rahul naik the following pptx microsoft might give hints theres option use wmi, see Windows Server  >  File Services and Storage

Disable replication between two DCs

hi all, i have 2 domain controllers same domain in 2 defferent sites, i want disable replication between these 2 dcs or if there away disable gpo replication only.   thanks, you can disable inbound or outbound replication on dc using repadmin tool, ignore os version, works windows 2008 r2. you can't have selective disabling of replication component & why require disable gpo, can share reason & trying accomplish. regards   awinish vishwakarma| check blog disclaimer: posting provided as-is no warranties or guarantees , confers no rights. Windows Server  >  Directory Services

How to Ad user Account in windows server 2008 R2

hello one of top managment user account got deleted active directory. when tried restoring not allowing me restore , gives me below error message  restore-adobject : illegal modify operation. aspect of modification   not permitted even tried restore using ldp.exe tool no luck. my os version windows server 2008 r2 recycle bin feature not enabled. so guys please let me how restore user object when ad recyclebin feature not enabled in windows server 2008 r2 regards sriram thanks sriram hi sriram, i believe trying restore deleted object using powershell, if main concern restore object suggest use ldp fix issue(i know you've used ldp). if management want fix issue using powershell, suggest post issue in powershell forum. please check following link, may you.

ADFS2.0 and an external namespace w/ SSL

i deploying dynamics crm 2011 on-premise ifd deployment using adfs 2.0.  my internal domain is: domain.local , external  i want adfs server , dynamics make use of .com address.  i purchasing wildcard ssl certificate address.     what best way achieve process?  all step-by-step's i've seen configured 2 domains managed same microsoft dns server , self signed certificates.   hi, please try visit adapt forum better resolution. thanks understanding! best regards elytis cheng   please remember click “mark answer” on post helps you, , click “unmark answer” if marked post not answer question. can beneficial other community members reading thread. Windows Server  >  Directory Services

32 and 64 bit printers on server 2003 print queues lock up

need win 7 , xp printing. 2003 print server 32 & 64 bit drivers loaded on print queues. win 7 64bit print jobs lock print queue on server no other jobs can print.  we prefer not have load up separate 32 & 64 bit queues each printer.  there doesn't seem much consistency around when or how lock print queue.  i can't figure out why w7 print jobs lock queue ,  other don't. @ point it's unuasable , unacceptable have print queues lock this i not know mean when queue locked up. what data format jobs clients -- open properties of jobs in queue.  these raw or emf.  no jobs print specific printers or no more printing anyone? (spooler dead or deadlocked). what print events generated around times of failures?  turn on informational events if can.  bunch of 10 events (successful printing) , track issues. last question, print drivers have installed?  alan morris windows printing team

Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise PCs do not follow WSUS Scheduled Installations

remove alert | edit | change type 1 hello, have quick question windows 10 integration existing wsus, use of group policy settings control wsus functionality. have utilized setting "configure automatic updates" value of "4 - auto download , schedule install" years windows 7 clients.  have scheduled installation day/time set thursday @ 10:00 pm (22:00) on windows 7 clients on network, installation works expected.  updates queue on workstations approved , install automatically @ 10:00 pm on thursday if user has not manually installed them beforehand. on windows 10 client under scope of same policy, functionality has changed , not work expected. instead of updates installing @ scheduled time, seems windows 10 trying handle me.  right even, have update approved last wednesday , when go new updates view, status message says "a restart has been scheduled".  then, have greye